An Invasion of Ukraine will have a Direct & Giant impact on most businesses

Let's start with a simple example. Windward Studios (my ex company) is a software company and the QA team is in Kharkiv, right next to the Russian border. If Russia invades, then Windward has no QA team.

This will stop new releases. Not just new features & new products, but release of bug fixes too. Until they can find and train a new QA team. At the same time many other companies will in the same boat also looking to hire new people.

There are a ton of IT shops like this in Ukraine. They are used by companies large and small. and they're a key part of creating and releasing software.

Every software project that has a key part of the team in Ukraine will suddenly stop. Or at best, be significantly slowed down. And all it takes is the people from one part of the development process being removed.

And if you don't have any projects dependent on teams in Ukraine, can you say the same about the teams that deliver the software you use? What happens if there's a security issue in a software program you use and the team that understands that software is in Ukraine?

In this hyper-connected world we now live in, Ukraine is one of the larger cogs in the IT infrastructure. And the world runs on software.